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Where things stand

(As at 05:00 PM Nigerian Time)

After 649 seats of the 650 seats have been declared, here are the parties and number of seats they have claimed officially:

  • Conservative 318
  • Labour 261
  • Scottish National Party 35
  • Liberal Democrats 12
  • Democratic Unionist Party 10
  • Others 13
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What You Must Know: 

NOTE: To win a General Election outrightly and be able to form a majority government, a political party must win at least 326 seats in the House of Commons – more than half of all the constituencies in the UK. If every party falls short, it is known as a hung parliament.

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Meanwhile, If there’s a hung parliament, the previous government may remain in power during a period of negotiation as they look to form a coalition with smaller parties. If they are unable to win enough support to form a coalition government but won the most seats in the election, they may try to govern as a minority government.

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If the incumbent party cannot command a majority or form a coalition, they could resign from government – paving way for the leader of the largest opposition party to try to form a government.

Pound drops

When the general election exit poll was revealed at 10pm last night, the pound immediately dropped by 2% as investors took a position that a hung parliament was a possible outcome of the general election.

May will visit Queen Elizabeth II shortly to seek permission from the monarch, after her Conservative Party suffered huge losses in the country’s general election.

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