To The People of South Africa: Give Peace A Chance, By Sonny Iroche


I would like to sincerely commiserate with you and all my numerous friends in South Africa, particularly, the families and friends of those who lost loved ones, on the very sad and excruciating senseless mayhem and violence, that were unleashed by a group of unguided persons, bent on causing unrest, undermine and destabilize the government of president Cyril Ramaphosa.

You have a great country which you must by all means possible, protect, guard and continue to be proud of. It is incumbent on all South Africans to try to maintain and keep the peace no matter the circumstances.
South Africa has come a long way through trials and tribulations for decades. Therefore, whatever actions that you decide to embark on, must take cognizance of the sacrifices of the foundation fathers and mothers, who fought and some paid the supreme price with their lives, to bring an end to apartheid. Please for heaven’s sake allow the souls of these great Africans such as Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Walter Susuli, Oliver Thambo, Chris Hani, Winnie Mandela, just to name a few, to Rest In Peace. Their sacrifices must not be in vain. They paid the supreme price, so that you can live in peaceful coexistence and prosper, as a nation. Do not, through your riots, violence and mayhem bring South Africa down to category of the typical failed and failing countries in Africa. It is better imagined, to drag your country into such an ignominious league of countries that straddle the continent. Embrace peace, unity and the Rainbow Nation, that you Proudly represent.

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Remember, that South Africa, in 2010, by hosting the World Cup, as the first and only African country to so do, got the endorsement of the entire world, as a developed First World country, with adequate facilities and infrastructure.

One is also not unmindful of the glaring inequalities, in areas such as education and other social welfare deficits, which make the minds of the poor people of the country, like in other countries the world over, fertile ground and willing tools to be used by some vested interests, for societal breakdowns, such as witnessed in SA last week. But violence, riots, burning and looting are never a solution.

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On the way forward, the government of the day in SA, has to now, do all it can within its legitimate authority, to address the remote, real and the root causes of these frequent penchant for violence, riots and looting.
This same engagements by other African governments, are also applicable to such countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia etc, with the people, to really address their fears, challenges and to come out with comprehensive poverty alleviation programs, which would be a major panacea for peaceful coexistence and possible reduce the huge gap between the rich and poor citizens of any nation or country.
Long Live Republic of South Africa.

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NB: Mr Sonny Iroche is a seasoned Finance Executive with over thirty years’ experience in Banking, Power and Public Service. He has served on various boards such as the International Glass Industries Limited and GTBank Sierra Leone.

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