1. I salute you my dear sister,congratulations and may
    you lead with wisdom,and the Almighty Allah will see you through with these tough guys ma.Nigeria we are great.

  2. Destined to render service to humanity as a global diplomat. The Ambassador of Nigeria. We are proud of you, Ngozi. Your name says it all: a blessing to all.

  3. Congratulations, this can happen at this time shown that youths of this nation will revive this country time to come

  4. Ride on Ezi Ada di Ora n Uwa dum Mma
    the unassuming replica of African woma hood
    The pride of the nation and the inestimable Jewel of a race ride on. The entie Africa/ally are behind you.

  5. Congratulations, Okonjo-iweala, congratulations Nigeria and Africa. The world knows and trusts in her strong God given abilities to deliver. Where’s Oshiomhole who said she’s incompetent and corrupt? Judgement day is coming.

  6. Congratulations our dear ‘National Pride’. May God give you the wisdom to handle the awesome task ahead with yet another unprecedented global results. The good people of our dear country are with you.

  7. Congratulations Madam. You make Nigerians proud. May God be by your side to give you wisdom and inspiration to go through your tenure at the WTO successful.


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