Divergent Reactions As Naira Marley Cancels Planned #EndSARS Protest


By Oyinlola Awonuga (The New Diplomat’s Entertainment, Fashion and Sports Desk)

Reactions have trailed Naira Marley’s sudden back-out of the planned EndSARS protest which was scheduled to hold Tuesday, October 6, 2020.

The controversial Nigerian rap star recently took to his official page on Twitter (@officialnairam1) to make the announcement that the protest will not be going on as planned due to new assurances by the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu.

In his words, if changes that have been promised within the police force are not effected within the week, the protest will go on as planned during the following week.

“We won’t be protesting anymore because there’s a lot of changes being made right now. As a Marlian we will give them a week to see the changes and if there’s no changes we will start a mass protest,” he said.

Similarly, the rapper is expected to go on a live Instagram session with police PRO, Frank Mba, where questions will be taken and the concerns of Nigerian youths will be discussed.

An official announcement from the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) Twitter handle read:
“Today, Tuesday 6th October,  2020, by 11am, the Force PRO- DCP Frank Mba will be having a live instagram chat with Naira Marley to answer questions and discuss the concerns of young Nigerians on the issues of SARS operations and other burning issues. Please stay tuned.”

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Nigerian Youths however, reacted to this differently with some stating on Twitter that the rap star backed out of the protest because he has been threatened.

Read some reactions:
We all confused in this country. But i think burna was right @burnaboy https://t.co/[email protected]_amcrown91
Naira Marley: We will protest against the government!
Nigerian Police: We will open up your case!
Naira Marley: I no do again 😆
Nigeria is a pure [email protected]

@officialnairam1 and I am dressed up already.. without belt sef!! I was just going to download 1 of your songs to ginger myself while I walk under the rain to the venue!! I’m pained right now?!!! https://t.co/KGJa19Blessing12j
You never see anything! Those pseudo celebrities and quasi influencers? I laugh, I laugh. Hmmmmm, chai, I laugh again. Safe trip baby [email protected]

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It’s unfortunate some Nigerians are messed up by apc govt. Look at naira Marley vs 2face. Little threats they’re off.They fear apc govt more than the citizens. Horrible!!!
Very stupid decision from naira Marley. NLC cancelled protest against Buhari’s govt. Shamelessly [email protected]

You people don’t read ….. You just jump into conclusion. The government held a live IG chat with him and other Nigerians. They promised to change… He told them he’s giving them one week yo do that if not there will be national protest. What should he have [email protected]

The protest continues, Naira Marley is in his mansion eating good food and sipping wine while tweeting with his iPhone 11 Pro Max under AC. We on the other hand we’re in our one bedroom bungalow, probably haven’t eaten anything since last night. #EndSarsNow #[email protected]_feeling
Everyone wants to be Fela but can’t walk in his shoes, if you can’t physically protest then let’s hear it in your songs. All you talk about is smoke weed, big A$$ and Pu*$¥[email protected]

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Exactly what I was saying few days ago. Burnaboy still dey try for hin songs. He sings against the government in many of his songs. Check that “Monsters you made- by Burnaboy out. But all nairamarly sings about is all u said, and the werey dey call himself fela of our [email protected]

You’re very right bro. Go and listen @lilbaby4PF “Bigger picture” it was used in US for the protest but non of our artists can come up with such. I wish Dagrin was still [email protected]

Same with 2face. Don’t take Naija artistes serious. Only Fela was [email protected]_emeka

I can understand the reason for the cancellation, at the moment Sars has been disbanded by the IGF, so why embark on a protest for what is not in existence.  #Wisemove
#[email protected]

He did something. And the police offered dialogue which he accepted. Not fair to assume cowardice. He did [email protected]

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