AUSTIN AYEMIDEJOR: ‘A Political Peacock’

When Mallam Nasir El-Rufai wrote his famous book “ ACCIDENTAL PUBLIC SERVANT” many wonder what he meant. The book simply showcased the way and manner at which most Nigerian politicians rode to political prominence. Such accidental entrance into politics was the case of Mr Austin Ayemidejor, the infamous coordinator of TEAM OKOWA 2019, whose entrant into politics sometimes began in the early 90’s when Chief Joseph Egigba in his bid to pacify the family, having been responsible for the car accident that led to the death of Ayemidejor’s mother made him a Supervisory Councillor during his tenure as Chairman of Sapele Local Government. Upon the return of Democratic government in 1999, the Igbuya family developed interest in him (Ayemidejor) and championed his nomination and eventual appointment as Secretary, Sapele L.G.A. under Chief M.O. Igbuya’s reign as Local Government Chairman. As if that was not enough, Ayemidejor in his typical characteristics manner of faking his loyalty, lobbied his boss Chief M.O. Igbuya to nominate him for a commissioner slot that was zoned to Sapele L.G.A which he graciously obliged him thinking he was helping a brother and a loyal friend. As soon as he (Ayemidejor) resumes as commissioner, the same family that gave him a ladder to climb became his first casualty of betrayal. And his chameleon-like attitude became full blown with his continuous disloyalty to Chief Joseph Egigba and Chief M.O. Igbuya whom God positioned as his benefactor.
I recall during the build-up to the 2015 gubernatorial primaries of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the same Self-styled Hon. Austin Ayemidejor that has never been elected to any political office worked tirelessly against the OKOWA mandate. But today, in a bid to make himself relevant for political patronage, he now prides himself as a member of TEAM OKOWA 2019. I pity those who don’t know him because I know a leopard cannot change its skin. A man that is so promiscuous to the extent of sleeping with his sister-in-law and other close relatives, a character that depicts his overall personality traits. Little wonder why he behaves the same way politically.
This same man diverted funds meant for the construction of a world-class befitting library for his community and today he talks of himself as a people-oriented person. I challenge him to put the records straight if he has any. All Ayemidejor can call achievement since the last 18 years of him being in government is hatred, betrayal and continuous disloyalty to his political benefactors: Chief Joseph Egigba and Chief M.O.Igbuya whom God has used to promote him from peasantry to political limelight.
History will certainly judge those who fail to learn from it. But one thing is also very sure; whatever a man sows, the same he shall also reap. I foresee a doomsday for Austin Ayemidejor no matter how long it takes. A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE THEY SAY.
STANLEY OFURE TEMISAN  writes from Sapele, Delta State;

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