Applause As Ikorodu Bois Remake Squid Game

Applause As Ikorodu Bois Remake Squid Game

Young skitmakers Ikorodu Bois have thrilled social media users following their imitation of the movie ‘Squid Game’.

Squid Game, a Korean dystopian drama has been creating massive waves around the globe, making it Netflix’s biggest original show debut.

As the show’s popularity continues to soar, a remake of some of the show’s iconic scenes by the Ikorodu Bois has left fans dazed.

Recreating shot-by-shot perfectly, The Ikorodu Bois’s stunning ‘low budget’ representation has left fans impressed online.

Donning similar green track suits worn by the real show’s participants, the talented boys not only recreated various props but also nailed the expressions of each character.

The sinister portrayal of the giant doll, played by a girl saying, “red light green light” definitely stole the show.

“If Squid game was shot in Ikorodu,” they captioned the video.

The video so far has garnered over 1.3m views on the young skit makers Instagram page barely three days after it was posted.

Social media users have been praising the trio for the perfect imitation.

Read reactions:

Comedian iamdikeh said: “could this have been anymore perfect !!! you guys are amazingly good.”

Actress Shaffy Bello stated: “GENIUS! Can’t imagine the work and time and effort put into this “Production” YES! I said production because people have no idea the incredible work this must have been. I APPLAUD YOU GUYS @ikorodu_bois.”

Choreographer Don Flexx wrote: “Always the Best on this and stimulates more grinning from me.”

Singer Nikki Laoye wrote: “My boiz no dey fall hand. This was obviously a lotta work. Well done guys. You are simply amazing @ikorodu_bois.”

Actor Steve Chuks stated: “Effort!!!”

Diaryofakitchenlover screamed: “Omg! I wasn’t expecting anything less

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