#BBNaija Roundup As Lilo, Ka3Na Get Marching Orders


By Oyinlola Awonuga (The New Diplomat’s Entertainment, Fashion and Sports Desk)

The Big Brother Nigeria, BBNaija Season 5 which began on July 19 with 20 housemates, had its first eviction show Sunday, as Lilo and Ka3na were evicted reducing the contesting housemates to 18.

The first week had Nengi as the Head of House (H.O.H) who is entitled to select a Deputy Head of House. Wathoni was selected by Nengi’s as her Deputy Head of House.

The second Saturday in the house had lots of cruise during the party and, even after it. But, not for long. After Lucy emerged Head of House and was ordered to pick a male as her deputy. She chose Prince. The housemates were informed that, until the last week, everyone would be up for eviction, except the Head of House and Deputy Head of House.

The 20 housemates of the TV reality show will be reduced as tonight is the first eviction show which means any of the other 18 housemates will be, except Lucy and Prince.

The ‘pairs’ emerge

The first week got everyone test the waters, the scales began to come off in the second week and the pairs set themselves apart.

LERIC. Even though Twitter users (where the most ardent fans of this show follow it) have confessed their dislike for ‘glue’ kissing pair, Eric and Lilo, the duo have refused to come apart. Whether during the party, having a nap, sleeping, eating etc, they are together. One thing is sure: no one is snatching Eric’s girl soon.

VeeNe Conversations from other housemates like Tolanibaj, Wathoni revealed that Vee and Neo are another inseparable pair. They dig into it during the party and are never far from each other…unlike Eric and his heartthrob.

They have shared a number of kisses and intimate moments but she insists that “he is not my boyfriend, any way”. Whatever that means.

Kiddrica Kiddwaya and Erica have got more people talking about the interesting discussions they have, their ‘soft’ fights, growing fondness for each other, that ‘I don’t need the money’ moment and the sofa kiss. Even though she is drawn to Laycon (“as a friend I can talk to”, she is quick to add) she has a got a thing for Kidd. Only, she wants to be respected and not played for a fool…and she won’t shower with him, either.

Ozone Ozo and Nengi successfully pretended they couldn’t see a conflict for all of Week One.
Week Two had something different in store for them. The Ozone layer could not have depleted any quicker.

While Ozo was obviously drawn to Dora the first week, he got eyes for no one else but Nengi all of Week 2, even though she spurned his moves and dusted him off on more than one occasion. He, on the other hand, tried to distance himself from Dora, insisting that they are ‘friends’ and Dora, in one instance, telling him off with “they will best friend you, you hear?” This banged up a lot of people on Twitter.

A few things became clear, though: Ozo wanted to put Dorathy in the ‘friend’ zone, Eric and Lilo are good CPR practitioners, Nengi is stringing the lads along, Kiddwayya is shadow-boxing Erica, Praise is a go-getter, Laycon is enamoured by Erica, Laycon has got words, Kaisha is in love with her ‘origins’, amongst other things.

The ‘food’ war

A couple of days after she and Wathoni had a go at it, Ka3na rubbed Tolanibaj who everyone had predicted would be the first to be evicted, due to her ‘coldness’ – the wrong way.

After having breakfast, Tolanibaj had lined up for the food being made by Ka3na but she advised her to hold on until those who did not have breakfast get a serving. Tolanibaj lost her cool and both women hurled ugly words at each other, with Tolanibaj calling Ka3na a “[email protected]*!%”.
It did escalate so quickly

That ‘Bobrisky’ moment

The housemates were preparing for a circus show and ‘Biggie’ provided the costumes they requested. They were all ready for the wager when Kiddwaya grabbed Ka3na’s wig and puts it on. Neo, Praise, Laycon, Trikytee, Brighto and Ozo channelled their inner ‘Bobrisky’, making funny gestures and repeating slangs to the delight of followers of the show on Social Media.

Losing to ‘Biggie’

For the second week running, the housemates lost their wager against ‘Biggie’. Though he considered it impressive, it was not worth his pass-mark, as they should have done better by not flouting the rules of his House.

Brighto ‘Lord Baelish”

If you still remember ‘Game of Thrones’, you will recall the role PetrBaelish.That is exactly what Social Media fans of the show think the composed housemate is up to.

He listens to everyone attentively and, in secret, gives them funny advice. He has tips for everyone on dating, peaceful living and everything in-between. After setting the ball in motion, he retires to his little corner, where he watches them do his bidding.

He has earned himself the reputation of the Manipulator of the House. Worse, he ends every brow-raising advice with “trust me”. He is the keeper and revealer of secrets; he even knows what transpired between Praise and Ka3na. Yes, he does.

Praise and Ka3na had first sex 

Very few people saw it coming but, from the way Praise paraded himself up and down the House, jutting his butt out and making vain movements with his hips in front of Ka3na and the other housemates, it was no surprise Ka3na agreed. Moments later, while other slept, they settled the issue beneath the sheets. It is official; there are 25 condoms left.

Praise wins Betway Challenge

Well, Praise emerged winner of the Friday Night Betway Challenge, after finishing in the best time, without breaking any of Biggie’s rules and rewarded with some BBNaija currency.

The ‘dares’…it will get worse

During the first ‘Dare’ game, some misplaced kisses took place. Well, it got more interesting in Week 2; Dora dared Praise to take off Lucy’s top and Trikytee dared Ka3na to put her hands between Laycon’s thighs to ‘feel’.
It will get worse.

Laycon’s words on marble

Besides becoming popular for spitting raps on bars, Laycon has endeared himself to the housemates with his wise words and his seeming unconcern for Praise’s disdain for him. As a philosophy graduate from Unilag he is seen as the Aristotle of the house with his philosophical quotes He has got fans among the housemates and he is living it up.

His reaction when his song was played during the Saturday Night Party, though got fans more connected to him on social media.

Launching the Gossip ‘coven’

Ka3na, Lucy and Dora got together to discuss who is ‘real’ and who is not.

Lucy will not forgive those who have offended her during the sojourn in Biggie’s house when she meets them outside.

Ka3na, who did the ‘Big O’ rebuked Lilo for letting Eric pick her up and fondle her in public but, according to her, the former confessed that she was so into him and easily grows feeble around the knees when he shows up.

The coven thinks she has trust issues and, thus, clings to Eric, so as not to have her heart broken. Whew.

Kaisha’s ‘drink and tell’

Though she is beginning to come out of her shell gradually, Kaisha has never spoken the truth more vividly than when she is a lil’ tipsy. She says the most profound things when she has a drink or two and this has made Tolanibaj suggest she could have some form of mental illness.

This season 5 winner will walk away with the biggest prize ever, value at N85 million.The breakdown of the grandprize include: N30m cash prize, two-bedroom apartment with SUV from Innoson Motors.

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