The New Diplomat Says Protect Yourself, Keep Safe and Stay Informed


Dear esteemed readers, stakeholders, and dedicated digital media community, during these tough times around the world wherein every nation is spearheading efforts to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic, and overcome its deadly effects, our thoughts and best wishes  are with you, your family and your loved ones.

This is the time when everyone’s livelihood has become quite challenging; to manage families, homes and businesses has become stressful. COVID-19 is affecting relief, smiles, and happiness in our lives. The Coronavirus poses a threat to the well-being of the entire human race, which is all the more reason the global community is standing tall in unity to combat the disease.

It is our prayer that the World Health Organization (WHO), Governments, medical research institutions, universities and various stakeholders will work collectively to innovate on more urgent means to contain the spread of this virus.

The New Diplomat joins the people and corporate citizens of the world in mourning those who have succumbed to the coronavirus. We wish quick recovery to those who have been infected, and are undergoing treatment. As we know, each nation is doing her best by conducting various preventive measures to keep  citizens’ lives safe and secure by observing a nationwide 14 days- stay- at home isolation, educating citizens on the use of hand sanitizers, and washing of hands frequently (preferably after every 20 min’s), and most importantly, updating citizens of the benefits of observing social distancing. By following the above simple precautions including covering coughs and sneezes, you are helping to protect yourself as well as others from contracting COVID-19 and other common illnesses. We thank health-workers, essential duty providers, and all those involved in vital public roles at these critical times for keeping faith.

The New Diplomat  wishes you all a most happy and healthy life. You, your family and  your loved ones would be fine  regardless of the uncertain times. It’s a passing phase! Let’s all stay positive.

  – By Board and Management of The New Diplomat Multi-Media Ltd

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